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Gresham Fire Benevolence Group



Article 1. Name

            The name of this organization is The Gresham Fire Benevolence Group.

Article 2. Purpose

Section 1

The purpose of this Group is to provide aid and assistance financially, materially, and emotionally to all members of the Gresham Fire Department and their families in the event of a change in life status, illness, injury, or death.  For the purpose of definition the member’s spouse, mother, father, dependent children and spouse’s mother and father define “family.”

Section 2

The further purpose of the group shall be the provision of social, recreational, and educational activities for all members and their families as defined in Article 2 Section 1.

Article 3 Offices

                The registered office of this Group will be located at the current presidents residence.

Article 4. Membership

Section 1. General Membership

            All persons employed by or retired from the Gresham Fire Department are considered general members of                the benevolent group and are eligible for services from the group.

Section 2. Valued Members

Valued members are those employees and retirees who contribute financially, via payroll deduction or annual dues on a regular and consistent basis to the benevolent group.

Section 3 Voting Rights

Each member in good standing may vote in general elections.

Section 4. Termination.

General membership is terminated when a person is no longer employed by the fire department and does not qualify to retain membership as a retiree. 

Section 5. Resignation.

A valued member may resign at any time by providing a written letter to the group.  All automatic donations will be suspended within 30 days of termination.  The person remains qualified to receive services from the group as a general member under article 4 section 1.

Article 5 Meetings

Section 1. Annual Meetings

The Gresham Fire Benevolent Group Steering Committee shall set the date of the regular annual meeting. At least ten valued members or their representative shall constitute a quorum at a meeting of the members.

Section 2 Special Meetings

Special meetings of all of the general members may be called at anytime, by the majority of the Steering Committee.  Notice of a special meeting will be give to all members via e-mail 72 hours prior to the meeting.  The notice will contain the general nature of the business to be transacted.

Section 3 Proxies

At any meetings of the members, a valued member may designate in writing any person to represent them and vote their proxy.

Section 4 Meeting Format

            Meetings will be conducted following Roberts Rules of Order

Article 6 Steering Committee

Section 1. Powers

The business and affairs of the Group shall be managed by the Steering Committee.  The Steering Committee may schedule regular meetings during the year

Section 2. Number of Steering Committee Members

The steering committee will consists of at least seven persons, inclusive of the three presiding officers.

Section 3. Election and Tenure of Steering Committee Members

            Steering Committee members will be elected at each annual meeting of the members

            There is no limit to the number of years that a person may serve on the Steering Committee, or the number of years that they may hold a certain position within the Steering Committee.

Section 4 Steering Committee Meetings

            Regular meetings of the Steering Committee may take place during the year.

            Two or more members of the Steering Committee may call a special meeting.  All special meetings must             have recorded minutes that are distributed to all members of the steering committee

Special 5 Meeting Notice

Notice of any special meeting shall be delivered 72 hours before the meeting to all Steering Committee members via e-mail or phone.

Section 6 Special Committees

The Steering Committee may create special committees as needed.  A member of the Steering Committee must chair special committees.  All special committees will appoint a secretary to record the minutes and distribute them to all members of the steering committee

Section 7 Quorums

Forty percent of the Steering Committee members must attend before business can be transacted or motions made or passed.

Section 8. Voting

A steering committee member may vote by proxy if there is a quorum in attendance.

Section 9. Vacancies

Any vacancy occurring in the Steering Committee between annual elections may be filled by the vote of the majority of the remaining Committee Members.

Article 7 Officers and Duties

Section 1 Titles and elections

A Chair, Co-Chair and Treasurer/Secretary will be elected by the membership by a simple majority vote of the valued members in attendance at the annual meeting of the Benevolent Group

If a vacancy occurs within these offices between annual elections, Steering Committee members may fill the position with a simple majority vote.

Section 2. Chair/Co-Chair Duties

The president shall convene Steering Committee meetings and the annual meeting of the Benevolent Group.  The President shall preside at all meetings.  The President will assure that the Group’s financial and business records are maintained. The Co-Chair will preside at meetings when the president is not available.

Section 3. Secretary/Treasurer Duties

The secretary/treasurer shall make a report at each Steering Committee meeting.  They will prepare the budget, coordinate audits, and make financial information available to Steering Committee members and the members. The secretary/treasurer shall be responsible for taking minutes of regular meetings.  The secretary shall distribute meeting minutes and agendas to all committee members.  The secretary shall retain records of all minutes, agendas, and membership lists.

Article 8 Accounting

The Gresham Fire Benevolence Group will use calendar year accounting.

Article 9 Amendments

These By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the Steering Committee. Proposed amendments must be submitted to the Secretary so it can be included in the agenda.

Revised 2/1/2014 BK

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